Welcome, Angel!

New RGB NSF REU summer intern

Angel Ausmus is a rising Senior at CU Denver. They are an RGB REU summer intern in the lab and will be working with us for the next ~2 months. Welcome, Angel!
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Welcome, Pragyan!

New postdoctoral fellow

We are delighted to have Pragyan Singh join the lab as a new postdoctoral fellow. Pragyan brings a strong background in yeast genetics and nuclear RNA surveillance from her PhD and postdoctoral work. In our lab, she will study RNA misprocessing in the human muscle disease, FSHD. [Read More]
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Suja received an NSF CAREER Award!

Suja has received an NSF CAREER award to fund the lab’s work on NMD, specifically asking how physiological RNAs that resemble aberrant RNAs to escape quality control, as well as our outreach work with the Aurora Science and Tech Middle and High school. We are so grateful for this support... [Read More]
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Divya defended her PhD!

Divya Kolakada, our lab’s first graduate student, has successfully defended her thesis. I am beyond proud of all that she has accomplished during her PhD, including publishing two first-author papers. You can read them here and here! [Read More]
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Welcome, Greg!

New rotation student

Gregory Poterewicz, a first year MOLB graduate student, will be joining the lab for his 2nd rotation. Greg will be investigating mechanisms of feedback between NMD and transcription/splicing. We are excited to have him in the lab! [Read More]
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